Music Publishing
Music publishing rights are the rights in a musical composition (i.e. what you could whistle or write down on a musical score). The author of a musical composition is called a composer (or composer/author if he/she wrote a composition that included words e.g. a song).  When a composition is included on a CD or download, or played on radio/TV, or streamed on the internet, or synchronised with a film etc, it generates a royalty, and one of the key functions of a music publisher is to make sure those royalties filter through to the composer (as quickly as possible).
Music publishers also look for opportunities to generate income from the musical compositions they represent, be it through a record deal, a synchronisation, or public performance.
We look after around 25 composers exclusively.

For those individuals and companies that we represent exclusively, we are always available to offer advice based on our considerable experience in the industry.  We are happy to look over such things as record deals, distribution contracts, artist contracts, remix agreements, synchronisation agreements (which we will try to negotiate) – indeed any kind of music-related agreement that we are presented with!  We do not charge separately for this service – we are happy to take the risk that the time we spend advising our clients will be paid for just through our share of royalties under our agreements with them.

Futurenote Records offers a Consultancy service for artists, songwriters, companies and individuals wishing to Licence music.

Areas that we cover are:-

How publishing works
PRS membership and how it works
Royalty tracking
Registration of Agreements and Works
Registrations for worldwide representation
MCPS and PRS membership and advising on MCPS mandates
Setting up of mandates
Setting up MCPS excluded royalty arrangements where applicable
Negotiating Agreement deals
PPL membership,applications and registrations and simple explanation of how it works


Independent neighbouring rights company managing the airplay earnings for artists, producers and musicians.

Another aspect of the work we do is representing record labels’ and artists’ broadcast rights around the world. In the same way that a musical composition generates a royalty when it is played on radio/TV, in most (but not all) countries, a commercially released sound recording does the same.
We look after over 20 record labels’ and over 23 artist’ broadcast rights.

What We Do

Recoveing your Royalties

Futurenote Music specialises in collecting and managing the neighbouring rights earnings for recording artists, studio producers and session musicians.
We are independent, experienced and proactive.
You do not assign your rights to us, we simply manage your rights on your behalf.
We register you and your recording contributions in all the major territories.
We offer a bespoke service – we work with you in the most beneficial way according to your individual circumstances.
We ensure full exploitation and management of your repertoire.
We carry out pre-distribution data sweeps to ensure we capture maximum earnings for you.
Quarterly payments including the statements from the source country so everything is completely clear. (working on a members portal)
Our ethos is to be clear, accountable and contactable at all times.
We are involved in and across all industry developments so you benefit from any changes in rules or new legislation.

What are neighbouring rights?

It sounds complicated but it isn’t.

Neighbouring Rights income is paid to performers who have contributed to a sound recording, which has received radio airplay or TV broadcast in certain countries. A performer can be anybody from a major artist through to a producer or session musician – as long as they contributed to the sound recording they are entitled to income from the airplay or broadcast of that music. This income is in addition to and completely separate from any songwriting, sales or digital royalties a performer may already be receiving.

And this is the important bit…

This money is not automatically paid through by collection societies so it is up to the performer to claim their share.

That’s where we can help.

Why Use Us

We have a global reach. Wherever you are owed money, we can find it.
We speed the process up by collecting money directly from each country. That results in more income delivered faster.
We have great relationships with the collection societies. We speak to them every day.
We are diligent, forensic and relentless in collecting any money owed to you.
We have direct access to the collection societies’ databases so we can repair errors and omissions in your repertoire, meaning greater accuracy in accounting and payments
Performers have the potential to earn significantly more income if their repertoire is researched and managed carefully and responsibly.

"We are an experienced, highly motivated team with first rate industry knowledge and a genuine passion for what we do. 

Fundamentally,We never forget it’s your money." Our Founder Gerry Skeene.


If you need any advice leave us a message.

We aim to get back you within 24 hours.

Kind regards.

Futurenote Music Team



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