About us

Futurenote Muisc is a blend of Musicians, Singers, Song writers, DJs and Producers. which over the years have seen or been through every music genre since the 70s!
Music is in our blood.
With over 25 years in the music business we’ve kind of seen it all and our knowledge and experiences have made us who we are today.
Futurenote Music was born in London in 2010 and is made up into three separate divisions:
Digital Label, Vinyl Delivery Store, Music Publishing and Neighbouring Rights Admin Service.

Futurenote Store

Futurenote Store is a dance music store and download portal, designed to serve the needs of the club culture of the pass and future.
Dance music professionals, DJ's, Music collectors and fans can legally Download Futurenote Music Tracks and also buy the latest Vinyl in House Music from around the world.
The Futurenote Team search, track and find only the best in vinyl house music in all genres from around the world and present it to you to get the best information on new Artist, Dj's, Labels and Producers.
You can also listen to a growing library of Soulful, Deep and Afro house albums and singles from the world's most popular producers and labels via our own charts.
Our aim is to promote and salute all House Music which is UK produced and support the house music culture we love so dear.

Digital Record Label

Futurenote Music is a Digital Record Label and disturbs it’s Music all over the world.

With the music world changing nearly every day we are always finding new ways of getting our music to you.

We truly believe in the Artists we work with which makes Futurenote have more integrity than other records labels we know, which makes us proud.

Futurenote Publishing

Music Publishing
We advise and consult on Music contacts, agreements and Mandates to give you the peace of mind that you essentially need before signing on the dotted line.

Over years we have heard or seen Singers, Artist or Musicians in confusion and stress over contacts or agreements on how their work, are you are getting the best deal? or simply do not know what to do.

Many artist are now going it alone with their music without labels, publishing representation or legal advice on how to collect their royalties.
With the internet, social media, apps and distribution companies offering "great deals" you need to get some advice!

That's where we can help.

We will give the advice you want on what you need and have to do, to move forward so you can collect your royalties with ease, so you can get back to doing what you do best.. Making Music!

Neighbouring rights
We also specialise in collecting and managing the neighbouring rights earnings for recording artists, studio producers and session musicians.

We are independent, experienced and proactive.

You do not assign your rights to us, we simply manage your rights on your behalf.

We register you and your recording contributions in all the major territories.
We offer a bespoke service, we work with you in the most beneficial way according to your individual circumstances.