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A1 Body & Soul – Original Mix

Body & Soul EP

F*CLR FCLR006V February 9, 2018

  • A1 Body & Soul – Original Mix

    Glenn Davis

  • A2 I Ain’t Got Nothing

    Glenn Davis

  • B1 Body & Soul – Ashley Beedle’s ‘North Street’ Remix

    Glenn Davis

  • B2 I Feel It

    Glenn Davis

Glenn Davis
Body & Soul EP

Body & Soul – Original Mix
I Ain’t Got Nothing
Body & Soul – Ashley Beedle’s ‘North Street’ Remix
I Feel It

F*CLR Music are proud to present Irish producer/DJ, Glenn Davis and his debut release.

A deep soulful affair aimed firmly at the dance floor fusing his love of all things Chicago, Detroit & NYC.

The title track ‘Body & Soul’ has its roots firmly in the Strictly Rhythm/Nu Groove groove – a lush, organ driven banger that is guaranteed to incite hands in the air mayhem.

Ashley Beedle & the North Street crew put a different spin on ‘Body & Soul’ giving it a spaced out, Balearic feel while ‘I ain’t got nothing’ has got attitude and then some.

The held string, melancholy chords and beautifully ethereal vocals take you to that tiny, dimly lit backstreet club in your mind – you’ve all been there – the one you never want to leave.

The gasping interjections on ‘I feel it’ are underpinned by ominous synths while ‘Emotional Intelligence’ takes you in an even darker Detroit direction.


RON TRENT /PRESCRIPTION – I’m liking what I hearing. Nice 90s vibe. Please send it over!
ANTAL/ RUSH HOUR – Yes I like it a lot. Emotional Intelligence is the one I would play
OSUNLADE – I like it. Three and Four work for me. I’d love to play them please send me the downloads.
AAKMAEL – This is a very nice project. I’d play everything except the Ash Beedle one wasn’t feeling that too tough.
RED RACK’EM – These are all very playable. There’s a sheen of quality over each track. I love them all so hard to pick a fave. Will play something on my Rinse FM show for sure.
DOMENIC CAPELLO/SUB CLUB – This is great I love it.
GROOVE MAG / THILO SCHEINDER – Yes please send files for review.
GILES SMITH/ SECRET SUNDAZE -The OG is most up my street, like a stripped down Kerri track. Its solid.
PATRICE SCOTT – This is a beautiful release.
TREVOR FUNG – Love the whole EP, hard to decide what’s my fav at the moment all are excellent and right up my street.
JOE GODDARD/HOT CHIP – Nice stuff all good tracks.
PHIL MISON /CANTOMA – These sound great.Really like the original and Ashleys mix.
PHIL ASHER – Lovely lovely release
FEMI FEM / MI SOUL- The Glenn Davis EP is just that warm sound I like from house. It would fit into myshow which has funk and soul and disco flavours. As we know that’s the seeds of house so I’ll play this for sure. Peace.
DJ DEEP / CYRIL ETIENNE – The whole project sounds really nice. I Ain’T Got Nothing is a very nice track.
CHARLES LEVINE /SOUL CLAP – Sure thing this is good for me. Love me some Ashley Beedle.
MOXIE – Likes it and will play on NTS 6/12
TERRY FARLEY – Yes please. Souonds lke Kerri Chandler Atosphere
RAMSOM NOTE – We are open to ALL of the tracks for a premiere on this!
JIM STANTON – Well of course Ashleys mix steals it. So sophisticated. Send it please as I would like to play in New York at output on Saturday night.
LUKE SOLOMON – Love this great vibe, great production. Ashley’s mix is killer.
JIMPSTER – Really like this. Especially Ashleys mix. Can see it sitting nicely in my sets. Love to give it a try.
DJ PIPPI -Great production guys. I’d love to play soon.
DAVE HARVEY/ FUTUREBOOGIE/ LOVE INTERNATIONAL – Yeh these are excellent. Great vibes.
DJ NATURE -All tracks have something going on, think I’d play Emotional Ingtelligence. LOVELY track.
GREG BELSONYeah, I dig.’I ain’t got nothing’, ‘I feel it’ and Ashley’s re-rub in particular are my preferred cuts here,all playbox worthy. And for the record, I’m feeling ‘Emotional Intelligence’ too, really into those chords. Solid stuff, no doubt about it!
SLOTHBOOIE – Would love to take Body & Soul for a premiere!
JACQUES RENAULT -Yeah Ain’t Got Nothing, Feel It and Body & Soul all do it for me.
MARK 7 – B&S original & I Feel It 4 me. the best things in life
don’t need to be complicated!
JUSTIN ROBERTSON – A bit house for me but I quite like it! Good for festive season!
STUART PATTERSON/FAITH/MI SOUL -Really like this, definitely got some proper Kerri vibes going on , could play any of first four tracks, especially into the title track and I feel it..