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Frits Wentink

WOLF MUSIC WOLF2BAR02 February 2, 2018

  • A1 Theme 5

    Frits Wentink

  • A2 Theme 6

    Frits Wentink

  • B1 Theme 7

    Frits Wentink

  • B2 Theme 8

    Frits Wentink

Frits Wentink
Two bar house music and chord stuff Vol.2

Theme 5
Theme 6
Theme 7
Theme 8

Frits Wentink returns with the second volume of his Two Bar House Music & Chord Stuff on WOLF Music.

Drawing inspiration from the legendary sounds of Kerri Chandler and Mood II Swing, the release contains four Themes perfect for the nightclub, bar mitzvah, funeral or cruising in your 1989 VW Polo on your way to see your gal (or guy).


“The whole EP feels like a soothing warm bath in the world of Frits after a being out in the cold for too long. The sampling is on point as ever, using the samples as instruments rather than leaning on some melody or line that has already been written or used too many times. Truly original stuff. ”

ASHLEY BEEDLE – Love the overall vibe of this and would LOVE to drop these tracks. Two Bar House & Chord Vol 2 is a great EP with razor sharp production skills from Frits Wentink. All 4 tracks are perfect for the dancefloor with Theme 5 and Theme 8 beng my faves.

OSUNLADE – Loving theme 6. Nice EP.

KRISTIAN RAEDLE – I like this a lot!

CYRIL ETIENNE / DJ DEEP – Nice tracks. Very cool EP.

PROSUMER – I love this one. Classic house without fake nostalgia. Please send me the downloads. Achim.

CHAOS IN THE CBD – Enjoying Theme 5 and Theme 8.

LAURENT GARNIER – These really are fantastic. Absolutely LOOOOVE the EP. Would really like to play these tunes.

MOXIE – Asked for downloads.

CHRIS DUCKENFIELD / ALL EARS – Quite like the breexy Theme 6. Handy little jams to dance off Christmas hams.

LUKE SOLOMON – Wonderful release. This is a massive step towards him establishing himself as a real artist not just another dance music producer.

DJ AAKMAEL – Theme 5 is definitely the one I’m feeling and would play.

DOMENIC CAPELLO – Really liking this EP I would most definitely play it.

JIMPSTER – This is sounding ace! Always enjoy Frits production but this is some of the best in my opinion. Theme 8 is standing out for me. Be great to play out.

JONNY ROCK – This is a hot jammer pack. Would love me sum wavs. I’m in Bahia with the WOLF dudes for NYE actually.

RED RACK’EM – Don’t even need to hear it send send send. I’ve been a huge supporter of Frits since I heard the first demos in Rotterdam in 2012. He continues to refine his sound to even more concise levels and it’s a joy to behold.

All 4 tracks are absolute killer and I am excited to see how people respond to them in the club. Joyous, high grade forward thinking house usic whichs takes in many other genres and puts them through the Frits blender with style that only he can manage.

PHIL MISON – Theme 8 for me. Excellent EP.

LOGAN FISHER – Loving this so much. Theme 5 is the winner for me. Sounds fresh and classic at the same time.

DJ NATURE – Very strong release. Should do really well.

DAVE HARVEY/FUTUREBOOGIE – Cracking stuff from Mr Wentinks. AGAIN. More quality output from the howlers at WOLF.

ILIYA RUDMAN – Really like the EP. Theme 6 is nice laidback vibing, I can see that played across the festivals, late sunsets and early morning. I did 12″ for WOLF guys when they were old WOLF 004 – Who’s Crying Now.

DANIELLE MOORE/ CRAZY P – I don’t just like it I love it. If anything were up my strasse this is it!

ANNA WALL / DJ MAG -Lovely stuff – Will put in next KMAH radio show if poss!

RON BASEJAM / JIM BARON – Wolf Music stil firing the hear after all these years. Always liked Frits’ stuff. You can hear the inspiration without loosing hiss trademark wobbliness. Gerrem over Shaz x

CHRIS TODD / CRAZY P – Another GREAT release from WOLF. Frits hits the spot!

ALEXANDER / LAY FAR – Very much my cup of tea this EP. I’d love to play it

AL MACKENZIE – D REAM – Big fan of Theme 5. Lovely Chandler inspired house.

ADAM SCRIMSHAW/MODIFEID MAN/ WAH WAH 45s – This is brilliant. 100% up my alley. I love WOLF and this is no exception. Big record.

KERRY JEAN LISTER / BRIGHTON FM – I’d love to play Theme 7 on my show. It’s my kind of house -layered, builds nicely. Has a MCDE Rough Cuts vibe to it . Big fan.

JIM LISTER / BRIGHTON FM – My fav track is Theme. Definitely one for the radio. Love Theme 5 too. It’s just my kind of bumping downtempo.

BILLY SCURY / BELFAST MUSIC CLUB – This is a pretty ace EP. Love the way it has a foot firmly planted in classic house but also drags it forwards with great layered production and samples.
sometime due to its timeless nature.

GORDON KAYE – High quality EP of house grooves, bringing back fond memories of Kerri Chandler 90s output. Loving the whole EP. Standouts 5.7 & 8.

SCOTT FERGUSON – Love this, quality house. Theme 8 is off the scale. Superb.

SEAN BROSMAN – Top stuff from the most English sounding Dutch man I’ve ever met.