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Opal Sunn II

PLANET SUNDAE PS03 February 2, 2018

  • A1 Chameleon

    Simon Pitt and Alex Kassian

  • A2 Serafin

    Simon Pitt and Alex Kassian

  • B1 Vertigo

    Simon Pitt and Alex Kassian

  • B2 Proxima

    Simon Pitt and Alex Kassian

Opal Sunn


In 2016 Simon Pitt and Alex Kassian formed Planet Sundae Recordings. ‘Opal Sunn II’ is their third release.

Part I was out July 2017 with Andrew Weatherall taking a massive shine to it, playing all 4 tracks at a gig in Barcelona.

It was championed also by Massimiliano Pagliara, of Ostgut fame. Opal Sunn is live-performance duo Al Kassian & Hiroaki OBA.

Formed in 2015, the pair have recorded countless hardware-driven improvisational sessions, puzzled together to create abstract musical journeys.

The aim is to transcend the improvisational magic of the studio jam and funnel it into the live performance.

Having played at Rainbow Disco Club 2016 in Japan & Atlas Electronic 2016 in Morocco,the pair took both excited audiences by surprise with their heavily improvised live sessions.

Opal Sun II explores darker shades of dance music..


ANDREW WEATHERALL – Yep love it. On first listen its Proxima but I’ll keep you posted. Just in time for my trip to Sydney next week. I’ll be playing at the Syney Opera House
KRISTIAN RAEDLE – AME- INNERVISIONS – I like this. I would like to play it!
GATTO FRITTO – BEN WILLIAMS – Chameleon is very nice!
HONEY SOUND SYSTEM – I can see how these tracks can cause the right kind of mayhem on the dance floor. If you’d send over the downloads I’d love to be able to play some of these out.
SPRINKLES – Nice production
DJ DEEP- Many thanks for this release. I played the tracks from Opal Sunn Part 1 on my WWFM show and I bought the vinyl. Love this release.
DJ MAGAZINE – Oh sounds good. Can’t get better praise than a Weaterall quote! I’ll get it in February edition.
RANSOM NOTE – Great release. We’d like to premiere.
DOMENIC CAPPELLO – Oh yes! Very good. Two of the tracks are class.
IVAN SMAGGHE – This is great.I like the EP because it has simplicity withoutbeing boring. A rare quality that. Can you send me the Part 1 too please.
JIMSTER – Thanks for sending this through. Really like the sound of the whole EP with Chameleon and Serafin jumping out especially. Would love to play them out.
CHRIS DUCKENFIELD – A fine follow up to Part 1. All very playable.
ASHLEY BEEDLE – Chameleon gets my support.
DARREN NUNES – Really nice release. Can’t wait to hear it on a club system. Big tunes!
DAN BEAUMONT – Been hammering Pluto off the last EP. I’m a big fan of this one too!
MEDLAR – Thanks
JOHN SHIMA -Opal Sunn very much up my street. I’d drop that in set for sure. Second track is amazing.
SEAN JOHNSTON – Wating for comment
GEOFREY MUGWUMP – Really like the EP. First an last track for me.
PETE HERBERT – This is sounding mega
ROSS ALLEN – Andrew Weatherall told me I needed the first EP and now this. Very nice.
HANNAH HOLLAND – Love this will definitely play
ANDY BLAKE – Very very nice EP
LESS FOSS – Oh yeah right up my street.
TERRY FARLEY – Please send me the downloads I’d love to play it
PATRICK PERRING SLOTHBOOGIE – These are sick! Big up Alex Kassian
STUART PATTERSON – You’re not wrong. Very good indeed.
LAUREN GARNIER – Oh wow, these tracks are SUPERB. Love the whole thing would love to play it out. Yes yes yes. please send me a zip.
AYBEE – Yes I like it!
THILO GROOVE – I like it.
BOBBY BLANCO – Serafin is amazing. Strong EP.
MARK HUME – Yep loving these radio 100%.
DANIELLE MOORE – I love Serafin and the bouonciness of Vertigo. Serafin is the track for me though. It’s very playable and has melody versus bass to carry te vibe.
PETE BUCKENHAM – Yep Eps a banger. Will play on WWFM and out.
DAMIAN CHARLES – Wicked EP. Will play on Point Blank FM
DAMO BEE – UNITY RADIO – Yep love it will definitely get play from me.
CHRIS TODD CRAZY P – Yep I agree with Dani. Serafins the pick of the bunch for me
BEE SHIVER – Following on from their first EP Opal Sunn II serves up more dancefloor heat. Top quality electronic grooves all the way.
ANDY WILLIAMS – SONICA IBIZA – A quality EP. Particularly the second track, definitely play in my dance sets on Sonica
NEIL DIABLO – I like this nice groovy techno.
NEIL PARNELL – TRONIK YOUTH – Lovely stuff. Proxima for me.
DAVE HARVEY – FUTUREBOOGIE – These sound excellent thanks for sending.
JAKE MANDERS – BIG WAVE – This is ******g brilliant. A massiv YES from me. Mega.
MIKE BEE – VINYL DREAMS SAN FRAN – Super excited to receive this. Solid tracks. Im with Weatherall Proximity is my fave. Stands above the rest fo me with Chameleon in second place. Will be playing at a gig in Pittsburgh, PA this weekend. Super hazy hallucino-jams for heady dancefloors.
ANDY SIMMS -SOFT ROCKS – Love this all over.
BRADLEY LUCKE – CUT & SHUT DISCO – Liking Chameleon. This would definitely get some spins at our weekly jaunt. Lovely production.